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New! CityMatCH Zika Learning Module

Published Date: 
Tue, 2017-08-29

Visit CityMatCH’s new Local MCH Responds to Zika: A Look, Listen, & Learn MCH Mini-Module to find out critical federal information, webinar podcasts outlining local health department responses to Zika, and the latest Zika research.

New CDC Zika Resources

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-08-09


New CDC Zika Resources

Travel Counseling Guide for Pregnant Women: This guide provides recommendations for providers counseling pregnant women who are considering travel to areas with risk of Zika. It includes recommendations from CDC’s updated interim guidance and talking points to cover during discussions with patients.

Zika and Pregnancy: Protecting Babies, Protecting Yourself

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-05-17

Zika virus still remains to be a threat, but it can be prevented. 1,800 pregnant women throughout the U.S. with possible recent Zika infection have been reported to the US Zika Pregnancy Registry and about 1 in 10 pregnant women in 2016 with confirmed Zika have had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects. 30 to 40 new Zika cases in pregnant women are reported to the CDC each week and there is an expected increase as we head into the summer months. Guidance for pregnant women to prevent Zika includes:

Zika Resource for Children

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-04-26

Sesame Street and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have teamed up to teach children in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands how to avoiding contracting Zika virus. They have created two, thirty-second videos in Spanish, English, and Portuguese where Raya and Elmo discuss more effective ways to ward off mosquitoes than by using fly swatters. Sesame Street also created three printables as reminders to children to post around the house.

The final message displayed in posters and videos is “If the mosquito doesn’t bite, goodbye Zika!”

CDC MMWR Update: Zika Virus Interim Guidance

Published Date: 
Tue, 2016-10-04

The CDC has updated and combined its interim guidance for persons with possible Zika virus exposure who are planning to conceive and its interim guidance on preventing Zika virus transmission through sexual contact as of Septmeber 2016.

Highlighted guidance includes:

Local Responses: Zika Prevention

Vol. 22

As the summer has progressed, experts have learned more and more about Zika virus and associated health risks. While more is known, there is more to learn about this emerging health threat; one that’s not going away anytime soon.

It’s increasingly apparent that local health professionals are at the forefront of protecting women and families from exposure to Zika virus.

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