A Third of U.S. Children Exposed to Lead Are Likely Undiagnosed

Published Date: 
Mon, 2017-05-01

Study by the Public Health Institute (PHI), published in Pediatrics, suggests that current lead reporting may be capturing just two out of every three children poisoned by lead. From PHI’s California Environmental Health Tracking Program, "Assessing Child Lead Poisoning Case Ascertainment in the US, 1999-2010," discovered states in which more than 80% of children with lead poisoning were unidentified and researchers suspect that testing rates have declined in subsequent years as well.

EnRICH Webinar: Secondary Data Analysis in Autism Research

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-04-12

HRSA’s has announced a new webinar as part of the Engaging Research Innovations and Challenges (EnRICH) webinar series. The webinar, Secondary Data Analysis in Autism Research: Using the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Data, will be at 1:00pm ET on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017. The presenters include Paul Lipkin, MD, and J. Kiely Law, MD, MPH.

Register here.

Social Emotional Learning in Elementary School Research Brief

Published Date: 
Mon, 2017-04-10

A new research brief, Social Emotional Learning in Elementary School, has been published by the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center at Penn State University. This brief "examines the benefits of social emotional development in elementary schools and provides guidance on how schools can support students' development." The report describes the critical need for social and emotional learning(SEL) for student success while showing a positive economic return on investment.

Strong Community Networks Lead to Long-term Population Health Improvements

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-01-25

The University of Kentucky, Department of Health Management & Policy, College of Public Health, has released a video/blog, Strong Commun

New Research on Impacts of Aging Out of WIC

Published Date: 
Tue, 2016-10-25

Research from the University of Missouri has identified a problem with a gap in food and nutrition programs when children turn five years-old leading to food insecurity. There is a requirement that when children turn age five, they are no longer eligible to receive assistance from WIC, leading to a gap in food assistance between WIC and school lunch.

NPR: Teens Who Feel Supported At Home And School Sleep Better

Published Date: 
Thu, 2013-12-05

For teenagers, getting the recommended amount of shut-eye (9-10 hours) is hard enough with worry or technology.  In the midst of anxiety and the increase in games and social media, social support plays a crucial role in getting teens a restful night's sleep.   From NPR's Shots health news, listen to and/or read this short segment about what the research tells us. 


MCH Research Program Fall 2013 Updates

Published Date: 
Thu, 2013-10-24

MCH Research Program Updates:

  • New Awards
  • EnRICH (Research Innovations & Challenges) Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Research Network Videocast

New Awards

MCH Alert: MCH Research

Published Date: 
Fri, 2013-10-25

MCH Alerts cites new research in Infant Bed Sharing and SUID, as well as MCH library resources

"Trends and Factors Associated With Infant Bed Sharing, 1993-2010 - The National Infant Sleep Position Study"

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