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Morning Consult: The Health Care Cure Must Include Prevention

Published Date: 
Thu, 2017-03-02

Morning Consult has published a new article, The Health Care Cure Must Include Prevention, by Helen Durkin, Executive Vice President of Public Policy f

Think, Act, Grow (TAG): Adolescent Health Initiative

Published Date: 
Tue, 2015-09-15

An Adolescent Health Initiative, titled Think, Act, Grow (TAG) has been released by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). This national program aims to create healthy development and outcomes, including decreased teen births, smoking, and substance abuse, amongst the 42 million adolescents living in the U.S. Most of the causes of death among the adolescent population are largely preventable.

PH Newswire: Supreme Court, ‘Closely Held’ Employers Can Limit Access to Contraceptive Coverage

Published Date: 
Tue, 2014-07-01

Previously, the Affordable Care Act required employer health plans to cover FDA-approved contraceptives at no additional cost, but with this new ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, corporations with most of its stock held by five or fewer people, can now limit women’s contraceptive coverage.  Justice Samuel Alito Jr. stated that in the case of Burwell v.

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