Sylia Burwell’s Blog: Building a System that Works: The Future of Health Care

Published Date: 
Wed, 2016-12-14

A new blog, Building a System that Works - The Future of Health Care, by the U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell is available. In this blog she discusses the future of the health care systems, saying "I have no doubt that the transformation of our health care system is larger than any one Administration or any one President. Rather, it is a transformation guided by the work of actors at all levels and across the country. The Affordable Care Act may have been an important catalyst, but the changes it set in motion are permanent. And were well overdue.

ConvergenceRI: Rhode Island number of uninsured drops to 5 percent, below unemployement rate

Published Date: 
Mon, 2015-09-14

A recent news article from ConvergenceRI details factors contributing to an unprecidented reduction of uninsured in Rhode Island over the last three years. Read the article here. Additionally, Convergence CI details Rhode Island's new Food on the Move program brings fresh fruits and vegetables toe low-income urban neigborhoods.

NYTimes Article; Obama's Health Law: Who Was Helped the Most

Published Date: 
Fri, 2014-10-31

This New York Times Article, "Obama's Health Law: Who Was Helped the Most" reviews the results of a data set that is said to, "provide a clearer picture of which people gained health insurance under the Affordable Care Act." Open enrollment in the Marketplace begins Nov. 15, 2014.

PH Newswire: Supreme Court, ‘Closely Held’ Employers Can Limit Access to Contraceptive Coverage

Published Date: 
Tue, 2014-07-01

Previously, the Affordable Care Act required employer health plans to cover FDA-approved contraceptives at no additional cost, but with this new ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, corporations with most of its stock held by five or fewer people, can now limit women’s contraceptive coverage.  Justice Samuel Alito Jr. stated that in the case of Burwell v.

Report Reviews State of Public Health in the US and ACA's Affect on Health Disparities

Published Date: 
Tue, 2014-06-10

In the May 28 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH, reviewed the state of public health in the U.S. and how the Affordable Care Act can help reduce health disparities.

Spread the Word: Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance Coverage is Approaching

Published Date: 
Mon, 2014-03-10

You don't need to be an enrollment expert to educate your community members about the importance of health insurance and how to get covered. With the March 31 deadline to enroll in health insurance coverage for 2014 approaching, CityMatCH encourages all providers and health professionals to educate their communities about the importance of health coverage and new options available through


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