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Zika and Pregnancy: Protecting Babies, Protecting Yourself

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-05-17

Zika virus still remains to be a threat, but it can be prevented. 1,800 pregnant women throughout the U.S. with possible recent Zika infection have been reported to the US Zika Pregnancy Registry and about 1 in 10 pregnant women in 2016 with confirmed Zika have had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects. 30 to 40 new Zika cases in pregnant women are reported to the CDC each week and there is an expected increase as we head into the summer months. Guidance for pregnant women to prevent Zika includes:

New CDC Resources for Managing Chronic Health Conditions in Schools

Published Date: 
Fri, 2017-05-12

The daily challenges that many U.S. children and adolescents face when managing chronic health conditions in schools remains as a public health issue today. To address this issue, CDC has conducted research and developed strategies to aid students in completing each day at school safely, and ready to learn. The CDC Healthy Schools webpage has been updated with new resources that focus on evidence-based strategies for schools to use for the management of chronic health conditions.  These resources include the following:

Updated CDC Zika Interim Response Plan, Health Alert Network Advisory and New Resource

Published Date: 
Mon, 2017-05-08

Updated CDC Zika Interim Response Plan: This document describes updated guidance and resources from the CDC for responding to cases of Zika virus infection in the continental United States and Hawaii. This guidance serves as a reference for public health decision-making and is targeted to state, local, and tribal jurisdictions, which are responsible for responding to Zika virus disease in their communities. 

Congenital Syphilis Resources

Published Date: 
Wed, 2017-05-03

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and March of Dimes have developed congenital syphilis resources. These resources include:


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