Join a CityMatCH Action Group

Published Date: 
Monday, December 11, 2017

Join a CityMatCH Action Group

Get more involved with local MCH on a national scale by joining a CityMatCH Action Group! CityMatCH Action Groups give you an opportunity to inform and assist in CityMatCH’s work and time to network with your peers across the country. Being a part of an Action Group is a minimal time commitment (usually 1-2 calls/quarter), but helps to ensure that CityMatCH is providing the most relevant training and information to our members.

Equity Action Group—CityMatCH believes in challenging health inequities, encouraging diversity, and advocating for a just society.

If equity is your passion, the Equity Action group is for you! We are a group of over 40 MCH professionals that meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss action items for the group, and create a safe space to engage in conversations about how to ways promote equity nationwide by making small impacts in our local community.

  • Board Co-Chairs: Stephanie Graves, Ana Novais, and Sherry Williams
  • CItyMatCH Staff: Jessica Ehule
  • Potential Projects:
    • Creation of All-Inclusive Equity Action Group Webpage
    • Sector Specific Call and Webinars
    • Possible topics include: housing, education, the correctional justice system and more
    • Networking with MCH professional across the nation
    • Opportunity to have your local work featured
    • Open discussion on equity topics in today’s climate

Membership and Leadership Action Group—CityMatCH believes in a strong network of public health leaders working together to tackle the most pressing MCH challenges by growing the skills, knowledge and abilities of all MCH professionals working at the local level.

  • Board Co-Chairs: Chris Englestad and Audrey Stevenson
  • CityMatCH Staff: Stephani Tyrance
  • Potential Projects:
    • Advising CityMatCH on membership, workforce, and leadership development issues
    • Reviewing the results of the Local MCH Workforce Development assessment
    • Using the results to develop policy and program recommendations

Science Action Group—CityMatCH believes in using the best available scientific evidence to shape and influence programs and policy, engaging the community in shared decision making, conducting comprehensive evaluation, and disseminating what is learned.

  • Board Co-Chairs: D’Yuanna Allen-Robb and Kellie Teter
  • CityMatCH Staff: Carol Gilbert
  • Potential Projects:
    • Host upcoming communications/frameworks call
    • Host follow-up communications/frameworks webinar based on TN  and possibly others’ experiences
    • Host a second implementation science webinar
    • Submit a symposium proposal for Portland
    • Webinar on MCH Navigator
    • Webinar on data visualization

Reproductive Justice Action Group— CityMatCH believes in empowering women to have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about their gender, bodies, sexuality and families. The newest CityMatCH action group examines how local-level MCH professionals can gain an awareness and understanding of the Reproductive Justice Framework and how to use this framework to impact programs and policies at the local level.

  • Board Co-Chairs: Deborah Kaplan and Kiko Malin
  • CityMatCH Staff: Regan Johnson
  • Potential Projects:
    • Reproductive Justice Toolkit and webpage
    • Reproductive Justice Checklist for programs
    • Reproductive Justice content calls where members can learn more about the Reproductive Justice Framework All rights reserved©