Zika and Pregnancy: Protecting Babies, Protecting Yourself

Published Date: 
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Zika virus still remains to be a threat, but it can be prevented. 1,800 pregnant women throughout the U.S. with possible recent Zika infection have been reported to the US Zika Pregnancy Registry and about 1 in 10 pregnant women in 2016 with confirmed Zika have had a fetus or baby with Zika-related birth defects. 30 to 40 new Zika cases in pregnant women are reported to the CDC each week and there is an expected increase as we head into the summer months. Guidance for pregnant women to prevent Zika includes:

  • Avoiding travel to areas with risk of Zika,
  • Following steps to prevent mosquito bites if residing or traveling in an area with risk of Zika;
  • Avoid acquiring Zika through sex by using condoms or abstaining if their sex partner lives in or travels to an area with risk of Zika.

With much still unknown about Zika, the focus remains on prevention. 

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