Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes

About the Institute 

The Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes (Equity Institute) is a national initiative designed to strengthen the scientific focus and evidence base for realizing equity in birth outcomes in urban U.S. cities. During a two-year span, selected teams headed by CityMatCH member health departments will participate and receive training to support them as they select, implement, and evaluate an equity-focused project.   

The Strategy

As a national team, our challenge is to demonstrate the evidence base for local interventions that reduce inequities in birth outcomes. Equity Institute teams will work together and with experts in the fields of public health and epidemiology, birth outcomes, health inequities, and evaluation to accomplish the following two main tasks:

1. Complete the Equity Institute Curriculum with 5 Major Topics

  • Race, Racism, and Inequities in Birth Outcomes in the U.S.  
  • Epidemiology of Birth Outcomes and Racial Disparities
  • Evidence-Based Interventions for Vulnerable Populations
  • Leadership
  • Evaluation

2. Design, Implement and Evaluate a Local Equity Project

Through the combination of strategies shown to improve birth outcome disparities (ex. 17P, birth spacing, safe sleep, etc.), and data-driven decisions specific to the target populations in participating communities, teams will engage in a local equity project aimed at reducing the disparity in birth outcomes. Teams will receive technical assistance as they design, implement, and evaluate their project.

Through face-to-face Equity Institute Trainings (EIT), monthly calls and webinars, online curriculum components, mentoring relationships with experts, and technical assistance from top program evaluators, Equity Institute teams will arrive at a final national summit where they will share their process and results and add to the equity evidence base.

For more information, visit the Equity Institute Web site.

CityMatCH’s Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes, funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, is a high-visibility, national movement of urban communities instilling a scientific focus on public health strategies to reduce inequities in birth outcomes.

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