DaTA Quick Reference Guide

One of the critical tools in evidence-based public health practice is information.  For local level maternal and child health (MCH) analysts and epidemiologists, the information is used to describe, quantify, and identify the determinants of health, natality, fertility, morbidity, injuries, disabilities, and mortality in populations.  To perform this function, MCH analysts and epidemiologists use an array of data sources -- vital statistics, reportable disease statistics, disease registries, screening surveys, surveillance systems, clinical and behavioral research studies, hospital data, insurance data, data from school health programs, and data on active personnel and veterans of the armed forces.  And, with this information, we play a critical role in program and policy assessment, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation.

The database in the Distance Training Initiative includes a number of sources of data for use in MCH epidemiology.  A number of the data sources use data from the same primary source, but may, for example, summarize the data in a unique way, provide a tool to display the data in a graph, or link the data to policy implications.  The data sources included go beyond those that have raw or summary data.  To aid you in your work, we have listed sources with a wide-array of information types -- from performance measures to bibliographies to fact sheets to policies.

To filter the sources, please select from the categorical search criteria available on the right side of the page. If you would like to see more search results, choose fewer criteria and then search again.

If you would like to scan or scroll through all of the sources, simply leave the search criteria blank and scroll through the sources available on the MCH Information from Data to Action webpage.  Or, you may download a pdf of the MCH Information from Data to Action Quick Reference Guide.

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