Strategic Planning

CityMatCH Members & Partners,

We are pleased to share our 2013 Strategic Work Plan. This plan is part of our new three-year strategic plan, which builds upon the organization’s strong history and focuses our efforts around three key goals in equity, science, and leadership.

We have also refreshed our mission statement to better reflect these goals. We are proud to announce that our new mission includes a stated emphasis on equity…


To strengthen public health leaders and organizations to promote equity and improve the health of urban women, families and communities.


Underlying the goals and strategies shared below are two core assumptions:

  • Collaborations and Partnerships—the success and greatest impact of CityMatCH’s work relies upon collaborations with our members and partners. In the coming years, CityMatCH will work to strengthen its existing partnerships and build new, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Evaluation—validating the impact of CityMatCH’s projects requires a thorough and scientific evaluation of their outcomes. Additionally, the local efforts among our members, which we guide and support, also deserve monitoring and measurement. In the coming years, CityMatCH will increase its evaluation and dissemination efforts across all programs and initiatives.

We welcome your comments and input on this plan and look forward to partnering in the years ahead. Now is an important time for public health. So much is changing and so much remains unknown. Yet, despite a shifting landscape, the core foundations of public health remain unchanged and the need for our work is as great as ever.

In Service to CityMatCH,

Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge, MD, MPH
Board Chair

Chad Abresch, MEd
Executive Director All rights reserved©