Who We Are

The CityMatCH team is composed of a talented and highly motivated group of professionals whose diverse educational and occupational backgrounds create a unique blend of skill sets and expertise. CityMatCH staff leverage their broad knowledge and experience to benefit CityMatCH’s member organizations and mission, and frequently organize as well as participate in national meetings, conferences, and collaboratives which strengthen the capacity of public health leaders nationwide.

Staff Directory

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CityMatCH Admin

Qinge Ouyang, MS joined CityMatCH in 2010 as the website developer and designer. She is responsible for the development of the new CityMatCH website, which is intended to create a vivid, powerful, engaging and usable tool for both the internal and external users, accommodate the CityMatCH new branding guidelines, integrate existing databases, and meet the organization’s promotion and marketing needs. Additionally, she assures the current website’s maintenance, updates, and database management. Originally from Hunan, China, she worked in information technology in the library of JiMei University, prior to coming to Nebraska. In 2009, she earned her Master in Management Information Systems at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. While she herself is low-key, she says she really likes spicy foods and enjoys life in Omaha with her husband and two sons.

Chad Abresch
Executive Director

Chad J. Abresch, MEd has been with CityMatCH since 2002 and was appointed to the position of Executive Director at CityMatCH in 2012. He has presented at numerous national conferences and meetings and has been the recipient of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Chancellor's Council Silver "U" Award as well as the Vital Leadership Pin. He also accepted the Maternal and Child Health Bureau's Director's Award (accepted on behalf of CityMatCH), and the American Public Health Association's Martha May Eliot Award for Effective Practice on behalf of CityMatCH. In addition to his public health work, Mr. Abresch also has a wealth of experience in non-profit mission and management beginning with his graduate thesis and including the start-up of a state-wide (NE) 501(c)3. Mr. Abresch was previously employed at the Wellness Councils of America as Senior Staff Writer, where he authored a wide variety of corporate health promotion literature, and the Gallup Organization, where he won the Gallup U.S. Interviewer Award. He enjoys life in Omaha, NE with his wife Melissa and their four young children.

Monica Beltran
Public Health Project Coordinator

Monica Beltran, MPH serves as the Public Health Project Coordinator for the Ohio Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes. Monica was awarded her MPH in Epidemiology from the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, where she volunteered to direct the HIV screening program at USF’s student-run free clinic. Because of this experience, she focused her academic career on the geographic distribution of communicable diseases, health disparities among underrepresented communities, and social risk factors affecting health outcomes. Prior to joining CityMatCH, Monica served as an Academic Services Administrator at USF. In the future, she wishes to continue learning about GIS to implement those skills in her work at CityMatCH.

Jessica Chavez Thompson
Public Health Project Coordinator

Jessica Chávez Thompson, MPH, serves as the lead project coordinator for the FIMR/HIV Prevention Methodology. Jessica brings to CityMatCH her background in HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, experience with Latino community outreach, and passion for inter-professional partnerships.  She received her MPH in Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health.  Prior to CityMatCH, Jessica served in a variety of coordination, research, outreach, and teaching roles in community, clinical, and academic settings – all with the common threads of leadership and social justice.  Jessica loves being with her family, working alongside her CityMatCH teammates, and helping her hometown, Omaha, be a place where all can thrive.

Jessica Ehule
Public Health Project Coordinator

Jessica Ehule, MS, MSPH, joined the CityMatCH team in December 2016. She serves as the Public Health Project Coordinator for the Coordinated Intake and Referral (CI&R) project and the Ohio Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes. Jessica earned her MSPH from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN where she served as President of the Division of Public Health Practice Student Association. In this role, she refined her leadership skills and laid the foundation for future executive boards working in local underserved communities. Prior to CityMatCH, Jessica served as the program coordinator for a K-12 STEM pipeline program based at Meharry Medical College. She has experience in program planning and implementation, program evaluation, and building partnerships. Jessica looks forward to gaining knowledge from her coworkers at CityMatCH and vows to continue working towards health equity for minority and underserved populations. In her spare time, this Ohio State Buckeye enjoys exploring cuisines of the world and stress-relieving abstract painting.


Ms. Maureen Fitzgerald
Program & Logistics Coordinator

Maureen Fitzgerald, MPA is Program and Logistics Coordinator for CityMatCH. She is currently responsible for the planning and execution of meetings and conferences, particularly the Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference. She joined CityMatCHin 1997 as Policy and Communications Coordinator, providing grant support for numerous projects, and was awarded the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Chancellor's Council Silver "U" Award in 2003. Prior to joining CityMatCH she worked as the Media Specialist at Monroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, serving as Interim Director in 1994. She completed a master's degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. A native of rural Iowa, she supports positive youth development through her work with Nebraska 4-H: judging fairs and teaching 4-H history and art workshops. She enjoys following local college sports, particularly the NCAA College World Series.

Kara Foster
Public Health Project Coordinator

Kara Gehring, MPH serves as CityMatCH’s Public Health Project Coordinator for the Detroit Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes. She also coordinates the Community Adolescent Futures Initiatives (CAFI) project. Kara was awarded her MPH in Community Health Education from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2010, where she served as the President of the Bridge to Care service learning collaborative for refugee health. Prior to joining CityMatCH, Kara worked with many diverse populations at the local, state, and international levels. In her spare time, Kara enjoys baking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.

Carol Gilbert
Senior Health Data Analyst

Carol Gilbert, MS, has been with CityMatCH since 2004. As Health Data Analyst, she has been published in leading journals such as the Maternal and Child Health Journal. Her major research interests include the infant mortality prevention at the community level, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), health disparities, and adolescent health. At CityMatCH she plans and carries out Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) onsite trainings and learning network calls, provides technical assistance for PPOR, and analyzes national PPOR data. She serves as a vital link between CityMatCH and the community, carrying out PRAMS analysis and creating publications on PRAMS for the state of Nebraska as well as for The Baby Blossoms Collaborative, whose goal is to reduce the high infant mortality rate in North Omaha.

Regan Johnson
Public Health Project Coordinator

Regan Johnson, MPH, serves as a Public Health Project Coordinator for the FIMR/HIV Prevention Methodology. This Nebraska native attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln receiving her Bachelor of Art in Spanish and Psychology. Following her undergraduate career, Regan was awarded her MPH in Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with a focus on Maternal and Child Health.  While at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Regan was a part of the Student Delegates and brings with her a special interest in health policy, and specifically how policy affects women’s health and their ability to seek healthcare. Along with her interest in policy, she brings a strong focus on women’s health, including: sexual and reproductive health, well-woman care, and an interest in reproductive rights. Regan looks forward to bringing her passion and knowledge of women’s health to the projects at CityMatCH. 


Mark Law
Director of Operations

Mark Law, PhD, is CityMatCH's Director of Operations and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, where his passion for leadership development, organization, management and non-profit and governmental capacity building intersect. A member of the CityMatCH staff team on a number of exciting projects since 2002, he was named Organizational Effectiveness Manager in 2008, holding that position until 2010. Dr. Law was awarded the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Chancellor's Council Silver "U" Award in 2010, and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, 1742nd Transportation Company in 2005. Previous to his time with CityMatCH, Dr. Law worked as a Counselor and Unit Manager at the McCrossan Boys Ranch in Rapid City, SD and a team leader in the U.S. Army. A South Dakota native, Dr. Law received his BA in Psychology at South Dakota State University, his MS in Management and Information Systems from Colorado Technical University and his PhD in Organizations and Management from Capella University. He resides in Omaha with his wife, Angela, and children Zoe and Zack.

Lynne Le
Health Data Analyst

Lynne Le, MPH is the Health Data Analyst for CityMatCH. She was awarded her MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and worked with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services thereafter, where she focused on health disparities and inequalities faced by Nebraskans. As an analyst, she draws upon her experience from working with local- and state-level populations, her education, her previous research, and her passion for social justice and health equity. Although she is a native Kansan, she enjoys life in Nebraska and looks forward to new adventures!


Ms. Denise Pecha
Director of Programs

Denise Pecha, LCSW, serves as CityMatCH's Director of Programs, providing direction and oversight to the education and training programs at CityMatCH. Denise has a strong background in children's welfare, most recently serving as the Director of Children's Services at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. She is a recent gubernatorial appointee to the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Fund Board and a social worker and licensed mental health practitioner who brings experience and a passion for program development and talent management to CityMatCH. As a married mother to 3 stepsons, 2 cats, and a border collie, she still finds time for kayaking, traveling, photography, and genealogy.

Janet Rogers
Office Manager

Janet Rogers joined the CityMatCH team in 1999, serving as the Office Manager since 2002. She assures the smooth day-to-day functioning of the office, providing administrative leadership for the organization, and assisting with the administration and development of budgets for federal grants. She generates and maintains financial ledgers than enable CityMatCH to be wise and accountable stewards of our funds and assures that the organization is in compliance with all relevant policies and procedures. She also arranges all supported travel to functions, working as a liaison between and supervises the CityMatCH support personnel. Ms. Rogers has been the recipient of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Chancellor's Council Silver "U" Award as well as the Vital Leadership Pin and the Vital Team Work Pin. Raised in Okinawa, Japan before moving to Omaha, Nebraska, she has an eclectic palate for food and for life.

Erin Schneider
Director of Development and Continuous Quality Improvement

Erin Schneider, MSW is CityMatCH’s resident social worker, although her work at CityMatCH is firmly centered in the field of public health. Serving as lead Project Coordinator at CityMatCH in the area of perinatal HIV prevention, she guides work on the FIMR/HIV Prevention Methodology and assists sites with the implementation as well as utilization of the Methodology. She has a strong interest in early childhood education, given her previous employment as the program manager for an early childhood intervention program and as a project manager on a state-level child abuse prevention project for the University of Kansas. She previously resided in the Alaskan bush town of Dillingham, where she enjoyed snow shoe excursions and salmon fishing while being employed as the deputy director of a behavioral health center. She is happy to be part of the CityMatCH family after returning to her native Midwest and her favorite team, the Jayhawks.

Joe Sibilia
Public Health Communication Specialist

Joe Sibilia, BA, serves as the CityMatCH public health communication specialist. Since graduating from Creighton University in 2008, Joe has adapted his skill set to meet client communication needs in many industries such as transportation, politics and retail, among many others. He brought his wide-array of communication talents to CityMatCH in January 2014, and he works to maintain and grow the team’s communication outreach plan. When he’s not at work, Joe enjoys going on adventures with his wife, Calli, and bicycling..

Stephani Tyrance
Membership & Consulting Specialist

Stephani Tyrance, MPH, joined the CityMatCH team in July 2014 as Membership & Business Consultant. Stephani is a Virginia native that attended Universities of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Greensboro. Her undergraduate degree is in Economics and her MPH is in Community Health Education. The majority of her work experience is in MCH, specifically SIDS reduction, maternal mental health, preconception health and HIV/AIDS education. Stephani is very excited about using her work experiences and training to address the needs of CityMatCH’s member organizations. In addition to getting comfortable in her new role she and her husband Marcus and daughter Emma are also getting use to life in Omaha, NE. All rights reserved©